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Presentation and Modular Design Tables

HBS Designs are the only recognised UK supplier of Dutch WEVAB Solutions part of the CODEMA Systems Group, the worldwide market leader in the area of innovative logistics systems, management and control software and custom-made products for (greenhouse) horticulture.

WEVAB specialises in the design and manufacturing of presentation tables with numerous customised products, providing flexible solutions that are highly sought after by the horticulture and floriculture retail segment and garden centers throughout Europe.

Presentation tables
HBS Designs have available an extensive range, containing tables in various standard sizes. The advantage of having standard-size tables is that they can be delivered quickly and that usually each part of a table is also available separately.

Practically all tables are vertically adjustable and are provided with a plastic ebb & flood bottom. The table is supplied with a filter and a valve so that the table can easily be connected to your available water supply.

HBS Designs offer two different designs of presentation tables. The first has a completely mounted top box with flat aluminum sides. The second is more or less identical, but can be provided with a coloured side section, available with a choice of colour to aesthetically suit your environment.

If within our product range we do not have a size that would fit within your retail space, we have the capability in consultation with you, to design and manufacture a bespoke presentation table to meet your special requirements.

Card holders
For price marking, company logo, product communication etc., various types of card holders have been developed for the presentation tables.

There are card holders for use along the length or width of the table. They can be placed on the table or hung at the edge. Card holders are developed for virtually all common paper sizes, such as for example A2, A3, A4 and A5.

Plant racks
For the presentation of hanging plants or the presentation of plants placed on different levels, HBS Designs have racks designed to optimise and fully utilise the space available within your retail environment.

New Modular Design Concepts
Leading on innovation, HBS Designs can also supply, the latest generation of modular presentation tables. These new modular tables provide high flexibility and control, enabling easy customisation to meet the clients’ needs and taste. These new modular presentation tables have card holders and price taggers attached together and are constructed without any welding.