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Information for Garden Centers

We have been designing Garden Centers for 30 years and between us we have over 60 years of experience. So we know what to look for when designing and getting garden centers built. We use the most up to date 3D CAD design to ensure everything that is envisaged actually works.

Whether it is a new build or a renovation we take the same care and attention and personally project manage and handle every stage of the ‘field to paper and back to site’ process.

We are very conscious that first impressions count, and the garden center ambience and feel has to work. Equally it has to be practical work space for you and your staff, so we have the ability to balance both requirements and if necessary will bring in specialist retail interior design expertise to perfect the customer flow and experience. We also are skilled at creating the correct environment for different areas of the garden center retail unit including coffee shops and florist displays.

We can manage the complete project from design through the planning to final build and for more information please refer to our Turnkey Projects page.

New Build

We are very comfortable with all types of design, be they portal frame, Venlo, traditional widespan or curved roof, and full or side opening roof. Each will be manufactured and constructed in full accordance with Building Regulation and designed to suit your needs.


Existing glasshouses with a standard horticultural glass cover can be fitted with a new hardened glass cover (ESG) (if required, in a larger glass size) or with insulated and reflective polycarbonate plates.
Existing walls can be fitted with new plain and or toughened glass (if required, in a larger glass size) or fitted with polycarbonate plates. Wall ventilation system is not a problem either.