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Hot Air Heating Equipment

HBS Designs are pleased to be recognised as the only registered UK supplier for Hollands Heaters.

Hollands Heaters are one of the World’s leading manufacturers of CO2 and hot air heating equipment, combining 30 years experience with an innovative mindset. Holland Heaters meet the strictest requirements that a grower can make with regard to efficiency, reliability and safety.

A CO2 or heat gun Holland Heater is designed for years of carefree use. The equipment is as robust and logically created to work in any environment with the lowest maintenance costs.

Holland Heaters carry an enviable reputation internationally for quality

• Horticultural applications [gas fired, oil fired and electric]
• Horticultural fans [low energy, low noise and efficient]
• Agricultural heaters [gas, propane and oil fired]

These units are known for their economical and clean operation.CO2 enrichment is an added feature of the Holland Heaters. All models have integrated connections for both thermostat and computer.

The use of the latest technology guarantees extreme environmental friendliness and low noise levels.

Hollands Heaters have also developed a new series of direct fired heaters especially for agricultural applications such as poultry sheds and piggeries with four different capacities 40kw, 70kw, 100kw and 120kw. In order to make the appliances suitable for these applications a lot of time has been invested in the quality, reliability, operational safety, protection class IP64, safety, working life and easy service by using simple, affordable components.